2 Systems To Keep Your Air Cleaner


Everyone knows how important air is. Breathing clean air leads to a healthier body. Because people spend much of their time indoors at home, having good air quality inside of the house is vital for you and your family's wellbeing. Here are two types of air purification systems on the market that can help the air in your home in Boca Raton, FL be fresh, clean and healthy for everyone who ventures inside.

REME-HALO Purifier

This type of purifier does its best to simulate how nature purifies air. It is conveniently installed in the ductwork in your home and uses UV lights to break down common contaminants found in the air, such as:

Nitrogen dioxide
Sulfur dioxide
Particulate matter

The system creates charges on dust and other particles that allow the purifier's filter to more easily catch them. Your air quality will not only be cleaner but will also smell better and have fewer pathogens and contaminants in it. Taking out these unwanted particles lets you sleep better at night knowing the air you're breathing is more pure. When you install a REME-HALO purifier, expect to get cell replacement every two years.


This system is similar to the REME-HALO, but instead of UV lights, it utilizes LED lights. This system is the first of its kind, and along with hydro-peroxides it uses bi-polar ionizers to reduce unwanted particles in the air. It can destroy odor-causing volatile organic compounds at twice the rate of older UV models. LED lights are also energy efficient and last longer than traditional UV lights, so you only have to have this system's cells replaced every four and a half years or so.

Keep the air in your home fresh and clean. Working with the Air Squad to get an air quality cleaning system installed in your home helps you breathe easier day and night.

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