Preventing Garbage Disposal Backup During the Holidays


While you want to prevent plumbing disasters in your home in  Palm Beach, FL, year round, you should be especially careful of this on plumbers busiest day of the year: the day after Thanksgiving. Avoid having to wait an abnormal amount of time for a plumber to rescue you from a garbage disposal backup by following these tips.

1. Limit What You Put in Your Drains

Since your home probably has more food and people in it than usual during the holidays, it's important to give your plumbing system a little extra help handling everything that comes through it. This means limiting what you put down the garbage disposal and only flushing toilet paper in your toilets. You can also place screens over shower drains to keep hair and other items from blocking them up.

2. Know the Garbage Disposal "Never" List

Some things are more suited for your garbage disposal than others. Do everything you can to avoid putting coffee grounds, celery, cherry or peach pits, or bones down the drain, since these can damage the blade. Almost more important, though, is to remember to never pour any type of grease, oil or fat down it. This can build up and cause a major garbage disposal backup. Pour these substances into a can or wipe them out of pots with paper towels instead.

3. Give Your System a Break

When extra people gather at your house, there is a significantly larger amount of water that goes through your plumbing system. Give your pipes and drains a chance to clear out by waiting 10-15 minutes between showers and not doing your dishes during peak bathing times. This also allows the water heater to catch up, ensuring enjoyably hot water for everyone.

Follow these tips during the holidays to help ease the load for your local plumbing contractor and to make sure you can spend your precious time with your family instead of taking care of a disastrous garbage disposal backup.

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